Claim as a creditor

I am a creditor: what now?

When one of your customers has been declared bankrupt, but still has a lot of outstanding debts with you, you are a creditor. You will have to file your claim for payment (including supporting documents, such as a copy of the invoices) on the website of the Central Register of Solvency, abbreviated as REGSOL. Claims filed with the Registry of the Commercial Court or with the receiver will no longer be accepted. It is therefore crucial that you use the platform.

If you act as a private individual (natural person), you can contact the appointed receiver who can prepare your claim for you. Companies (legal entities) are required to file their own claim.

Procedure for filing a claim for payment:

Registration of your claim for payment gives you the right to inspect all the mandatory publications of the receiver in REGSOL and is of course completely free of charge. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Go to the website

  2. Proceed with the mandatory registration.

  3. Enter the name of the bankruptcy.

  4. Fill in the details in the form. Note whether the claim is ordinary or privileged.

  5. If the claim is particularly privileged, specify the object of the particular privilege.

  6. Upload the supporting documents and any explanatory notes.

How does REGSOL work?

You will see that REGSOL works with a timeline. This gives you the opportunity to follow the entire bankruptcy procedure and view all documents. This way, you can contact the receiver if you have any questions or comments.

The reports of verification of claims for payment will be the most relevant documents for you as a creditor. These documents indicate how many creditors there are and to what extent the receiver has accepted the claims.

When a claim for payment is “held in abeyance,” this means that no position has been taken on this claim yet. This will be done in a subsequent report of verification of claims for payment.

In addition, the receiver is required to file a financial report once a year. These reports provide a clear and concise picture of the financial situation of the bankruptcy at the time of publication. It provides an answer to the question of the current state of affairs.

Registration of your claim for payment in REGSOL allows you to follow the settlement of the bankruptcy at any time and to request and provide additional information to the receiver if you are aware of circumstances, events, etc. that are unknown to him. This is, for example, the case if you know that the published inventory is not complete and you are aware of other assets that have not been inventoried.

The receiver communicates officially through REGSOL. It is therefore important that you keep an eye on this and check whether these messages are not assigned to the spam or unwanted mail folders by your program by mistake. You can quickly solve this by indicating once that these messages are not unwanted mail.

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