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Schoenaerts & Partners are experienced receivers and administrators. We have a broad advisory practice in the field of restructuring and reorganising companies in dire straits. With our team we assist companies, directors, creditors, financiers and other stakeholders in financially challenging times. As we are active in the settlement of bankruptcies on a daily basis, we are fully aware of the problems that can occur in a (pre)bankruptcy situation.


“No matter, Try again, Fail again, Fail better ” (S. Becket)

Mr. Schoenaerts obtained his Master’s degree in Law from the University of Antwerp in 1977. The diploma mentions a specialization in commercial, economic and financial law. ​

In 1980 he started his own law firm and built up a solid reputation as a lawyer-curator, both nationally and internationally.​

Mr. Schoenaerts obtained a Master’s degree in corporate law (Master in Business law) in 2001 and this with great distinction as primus inter pares at the University of Antwerp.​

Mr. Schoenaerts followed courses organized by the then Commercial Court on accounting and balance sheet analysis, over a period of two years. He is one of the few lawyers to have fully mastered all aspects of accounting.​

In addition, Mr. Schoenaerts special training in company law and all its aspects, over the period of one year. When the new code was introduced, he followed this course again at the Fiscale Hogeschool in 2020.​

Mr. Schoenaerts is regularly appointed by the corporate court and the then commercial court as administrator of companies in difficulty, as a legal officer in judicial reorganization proceedings.​

Mr. Schoenaerts has also already handled some five hundred bankruptcies as a trustee.​

Every year, Mr. Schoenaerts retrained in the field of insolvency law. He is a frequently asked speaker and author in the field of insolvency law.​

Mr.’s office Schoenaerts is the only and specialization specializing in insolvency law, in particular the problems of companies in difficulty, judicial reorganization and bankruptcies. He acts as both a trustee and a lawyer assisting his clients in all matters of insolvency law.​

The interest and willingness to keep up to date and stay up to date is one of the many strengths that Mr. Schoenaerts owns. This allows him to assist his clients in a clear and correct manner, despite the constant evolution of the law. With his specific knowledge of bankruptcy procedures, he proved not only to be an efficient advisor, but also a handy strategist.​

In 1995, Mr. Schoenaerts published his book “The Belgian justice: a Kafkaesque nightmare”. Even before the Dutroux affair, he gave a razor-sharp and straightforward analysis of the judicial situation in Belgium. The book is now decades old, but the predictions presented by mr. Schoenaerts are still seen today as building blocks of the transformation of the Belgian justice system into a well-functioning and democratic institution.

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“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” (W. Churchill)

Alain Van den Cloot is an experienced lawyer/receiver who is highly specialised in company and economic law with corporate and social law aspects. Expert in guiding companies from their establishment, negotiating and drafting contracts, dispute resolution between partners, conducting legal proceedings, guiding companies in difficulty (‘GRP’, former ‘WCO’) to the liquidation and dissolution of companies. Legally strong professional with a postgraduate focus on International Business Law from Queen Mary & Westfield College, University of London.


With more than 25 years of legal experience Mr. Alain Van den Cloot is a critical and energetic lawyer and trustee (since 1996) specialised in commercial and economic law with corporate and social law aspects and with a thorough experience in bankruptcies and liquidations.​

Mr Alain Van den Cloot offers companies a full service in this respect.

He is client oriented, strong in negotiations and focused on achieving results. He attaches great importance to discretion and efficiency.

As receiver in bankruptcies of more than 400 companies and liquidator of numerous companies, he has extensive ‘in-house’ experience in the continuation and transfer of activities.​

He is perfectly trilingual (NL, FR, EN), which is an absolute asset in an increasingly international economy.

Studies and training

Annual relevant trainings and seminars Antwerpen Bar


Secretary VZW Pro Mandato (interest group of receivers)


Member of ARGO Association (cooperation between actors in the maritime world)

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+32 3 238 80 70