The entrepreneur as a creditor

The crisis is causing a tsunami of unpaid invoices and bankruptcies. Entrepreneurs are at a loss with their unpaid invoices. In case of bankruptcy, the Entrepreneur is obliged to file a declaration in the Register of Solvency (REGSOL). As receivers, Bruno Schoenaerts and Alain Van den Cloot know that most entrepreneurs do not succeed in this process, thereby significantly reducing their chances of recovery.

It is essential to make a correct declaration by invoking the correct business rights, privileges, and assets to which the privilege applies. This is constantly violated. The deadlines are also prescribed and must be respected. Those who invoke a property right must do so before the first minutes of inspection; otherwise, the receiver will no longer take it into account. Declarations made after a year are considered time-barred. However, property rights connected to a mortgage ranking can still be invoked.

Thus, the office of Schoenaerts & Partners has become a niche office with the sole specialization in insolvency law and in all its facets. The office assists companies in difficulty in all aspects that concern them and offers a clear and ready-made solution for every insolvency problem.

Clear language and clear reporting are considered a sign of respect by the office. Trust is the basic requirement for an optimal relationship between lawyer and client, between you and your legal assistance provider. The office guarantees a highly specialized service.

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